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Monkey Bathbomb 90g

Monkey Bathbomb 90g


Monkey Shaped Bath Bomb weighing 90g and infused with the delightful fusion of Guava & Strawberry & Made with added foaming solution. This is perfect for retailers, spas, or anyone looking to add a touch of fun and tropical fragrance to their bath and body products. 

Each bath bomb is meticulously crafted into an adorable monkey shape, bringing a sense of whimsy and playfulness to any bathing routine. The attention to detail and vibrant colours make these bath bombs visually appealing and irresistible to customers of all ages. The refreshing scent of Guava & Strawberry is like a tropical paradise in a bath. The juicy and tropical notes of guava blend harmoniously with the sweet and succulent aroma of ripe strawberries, creating a captivating fragrance that transports bathers to a sunny and exotic oasis. 

Stock up on our Monkey Shaped Bath Bombs - Guava & Strawberry edition and provide your customers with a playful and aromatic bathing experience. With their charming monkey shape and irresistible fragrance, these bath bombs are bound to become a customer favourite, making bath time a delightful and rejuvenating adventure.

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