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At Ecologico we know that it isn't always straightforward to make choices that are best for the environment. And believe us, nobody is perfect. 

Our family certainly needs more help and we work together constantly to try and improve our sustainability.

If, like us, you feel like you want some hints and tips to make steps towards reducing the amount of consumption in your life why not invite Ecologico to come for a chat?

Food Fair

Community Talks

ECO CONNECT NORTH EAST would be delighted to lead a conversation in your community groups.

Whether you are a  WI, scouts and brownies, or general community group looking for ways to reduce your environmental impact, we would to spend some time with you and share information, advice and practical tips.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in then please use the live chat function or the contact page to get in touch. Someone from Ecologico will be in touch as soon as we can.

Education Work

The ECO CONNECT NORTH EAST team is packed full of educators. It is also packed full of children, and we believe that education is the best way to start conversations and plant the seeds of change.

The future of our planet is in their hands and we believe that if you can address the issue of sustainability with young people as soon as possible, then they will live their lives with some thought to their impact in the world.

All of our session can be adapted with age-appropriate content and activities to ensure it really fits your group.

If you are interested in having Ecologico come into your educational establishment and deliver a fun, entertaining and meaningful workshop session with your young people then simply use the live chat function on this page or use the contacts page to send us an email!

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