Save money & prevent plastic waste with these handmade reusable Panty Liners. All handmade here in the UK with mostly natural fibres.  3 pads for £12 (drop down option). 

The top layer & bottom layers are made from 100% cotton with a floral pattern. There are two inside layers, the upper one is 100% organic cotton fleece for absorbency, under that is a layer of waterproof PUL (Food Safe Standard) to prevent leaks.

The top side is the side that has two horizontal stitches the length of the pad, these stitches hold the absorbent cotton fleece layer in place. The bottom is the unstitched side which goes against the underwear.

The liner measures 19cm in length, 17cm in width open & 6.5cm in width closed. There is a snap fastner for securing the liner in place. The thickness of the pad is about 3-4mm

It is recommended to rinse pads in cold water prior to washing, this helps to reduce staining.Wash at maximum 40˚ degree's and line/air dry. 

Tumble drying may damage the PUL layer.

 Fabric softener is not recommended as this may decrease absorbency.

As pads are handmade designs may vary. Please add any specific requests to the