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Ramie Scrunchie

Ramie Scrunchie


Shower Scrunchie made from natural fibres rather than nylon, gently exfoliates your skin, feels great and last ages.


Found in Eastern Asia, ramie is a native flowering plant, and is one of the oldest crops known to man. In fact, ramie has been around for so long that it has even been found as the outermost layer of mummy cloth in Egypt during the period 5000-3300 BC.


Benefits of ramie:

    One of the strongest natural fibres (even stronger when wet)
    Resistant to fungus and mould
    Can be blended with cotton and wool


Due to the fact that extraction and cleaning process are still rather expensive, the uses have been somewhat limited. Currently, ramie is used to in industrial sewing thread, packing materials, fishing nets, and filter cloths. The durability also lends itself to being used for upholstery. In the fashion world, ramie is frequently found in blends with other fibres such as wool.

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