There’s no doubt that for most of you, cleaning the oven and grill pan is the worst chore in the kitchen, and most oven cleaners don’t measure up to the task.

Well, meet the exception!

Industrial Strength Oven Mate Gel Oven Cleaner.

Recommended by Neff. Oven Mate Gel removes stubborn baked on grease and oil. Simply apply Oven Mate with the supplied brush, Oven Mate Gel saves hours of hard work -no scrubbing. Oven Mate rinses off easily. We were astounded by Oven Mate, and you will be too as this powerful, biodegradable oven cleaner leaves your oven looking like new, even removing the most stubborn baked-on fat and oil.

Best of all Oven Mate has no acrid smell and you won’t need to scrub. Includes a brush plus a pair of protective gloves.


Oven Cleaner