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Muscle Ease Balm

Muscle Ease Balm


A powerful multi-herb infused and six essential oil blended balm.

  • For soothing muscle aches, bruises, dislocations and swelling.
  • Includes anti-inflammatory Tamanu oil used for arthritic and rheumatic joint pain.
  • Undiluted, highly concentrated and easy to apply.

*Please note our products have not been evaluated by the MHRA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical conditions.



Arnica, comfrey and dandelion infused British Rapeseed Oil, sweet almond oil, rice bran wax (food grade) tamanu oil, castor oil and essential oils of wintergreen, peppermint, clove, lavender, cinnamon, eucalyptus. (*Certified organic)


Size: 56g