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February Eco Starter Box

February Eco Starter Box


#NewToMeFor23 February Box!

How much do you reckon you pay for all your cleaning products...what if I told you in this box you would get everything you need for cleaning and laundry!

💚Dr Dre'n Sink and Drain Unblocker

💚Auntie Bac Surface Disinfectant

💚Dish Jockey Washing Up Liquid

💚The Shining Daily Descaler

💚FatBuoy Kitchen Degreaser

💚WTF Floor Cleaner

💚Simple Living Eco Laundry Sheets

💚Ocean Potion Multi Surface Cleaner

💚To Rimfinity Toilet Cleaner

💚Ten&Co cloth

All this for £20! 🤩

And all super light to post🙌