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Wooden Heart:Caring for your wooden toys.

Before going into the steps, lets ask why is it important to clean a toy ?

From an early age, children develop a natural need to put everything in their mouth and explore things orally, and this includes toys.

These tasty treats will 100% go from the ground to their hands and then their mouths. This is just how kids explore their environment. It's natural. They don't understand hygiene and risk (especially my feral wildlings), as this is something we learn as we grow.

But as parents we have a preoccupation with protecting our children, and now more than ever want to reduce germs and dirt.

Wood is an amazing material for toys and resources because it's babysafe, natural, durable and even has a natural antibacterial quality. However, wood is also porous meaning we can't wash it the same way as we would fabric, metal or plastic. Wooden toys can have a very long life if they are well maintained.

So how should you clean your wooden toys?

Here are my top tips:

Never soak a wooden toy in water because it might swell, change shape and loose the colour. Use a cloth to wipe with warm water and air dry. You could use a mild soap in painted or varnished wood (Liquid Soap would be perfect) as long as you rinse well.

Personally, I use white vinegar to disinfect our wooden resources and then air dry: professional advice states the best way to clean and disinfect safely your wooden toys, is to use a 100% ecological vinegar, diluted in water.

Some people like to use olive oil to moisturise the wood; this obviously will depend on the toy and type of wood, but please never use a cleaning product for wooden furniture or disinfectant wipes on your products as these would be toxic for your child.

So since there's every chance they'll end up in your child's mouth, just remember to wash your wooden toys frequently, and you'll not have to worry.😊

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