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Wipe Out: Why We Need To Ditch The Disposables

Have you heard of the term Fatberg?

Fatbergs are made when fat and other discarded items meet and mould together forming big solid masses which stick to the floors, walls and ceilings of the sewers, reducing the water flow and eventually blocking the pipes completely.😱😩🤢

Do you know what the most common items found within these lumps are?

💚Wipes 💚Sanitary products 💚Condoms 💚Cotton Buds 💚 Disposable Nappies 💚Cotton Wool 💚Kitchen Towel

💚Plasters 💚Even Tights! In September 2017, workers in London discovered one of the biggest fatbergs ever seen, in the East End neighborhood of Whitechapel: measuring more than 800 feet long, the monstrosity weighed an estimated 130 tonnes and was the size of 11 double-decker buses, according to Thames Water.

So why the big issue in the UK? A combination of mainly Victorian sewage systems, an ever-increasing population and our consumption of disposable items are a recipe for disaster! Research from More Than found that “more than half of households admit to pouring fats down the sink, including meat fats, olive and cooking oil”. When we think about oil and grease we automatically think about the kitchen. But a lot of oil and grease can actually come from bathroom drains. The increase of people using all sorts of beauty/grooming products is having an immense impact on our drainage system. So what can we as individuals do to stop this from happening? 💚No food/oil should EVER be washed down the sink. All fats should either be absorbed onto tissue or be left to cool then scraped into a food waste bin if you are lucky enough to have one. If you aren't then it sadly has to go into non-recyclable rubbish. 💚Use reusable items wherever possible. 💚Be aware of greenwashing! We are currently being bombarded by companies claiming their wipes are 'biodegradable’, ‘flushable’ and ‘compostable’ but despite these claims, UK water companies have started campaigns to teach people that toilets should only be used for the 3 Ps and absolutely nothing else: ✅Pee ✅Poo ✅Paper (toilet)

Choosing to reuse can make a big difference; no sanitary products, nappies, wipes, cotton wool, cotton buds or kitchen roll to dispose of.

So could you choose to reuse?

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