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“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Traditional Chinese Proverb

But why should you plant a tree? What is the point? And where do you begin?

Apart from the obvious positive impact on the environment, there are some hidden benefits to trees:

  • Did you know, a single oak tree can support 500 species of insect! They can improve biodiversity by offering shelter and food for birds and insects, as well as providing a food source for other animals. A fruit tree can even provide food for you!

  • Trees absorb CO2 (up to 48lb a year!) which improves the air quality and prevents climate change. They also absorb odours and filter particles out of the air.

  • Trees offer shade which helps cool our immediate environment as well as releasing water which helps stabilise the air temperature. Shade from trees also slows water evaporation, meaning lawns and plants require less watering.

  • They also help to prevent water pollution, by allowing water to filter more slowly through the soil and rocks, allowing cleaner water to enter the waterways and groundwater.

  • Trees reduce UVB exposure by around 50%, protecting us whilst we’re outside and reducing the risk of sun damage to our skin.

  • Trees have psychological and physical benefits to us too; they reduce stress, improve mood and even help boost our immune systems

  • They can offer privacy and reduce noise levels from surrounding areas.

  • They can even increase property values and reduce crime rates in some areas.

Top Tips:

1) Plant native species

2) Ensure you know how big they will grow

3) Plant them far enough away from the house that they are not likely to cause damage (the rule of thumb is at least its mature height away from buildings)

4) If you aren’t able to plant a tree you can always sponsor a tree or trees. Here are some resources to help:

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