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The Ta-Da List!

Have you ever played Ta-Da list?

Every month I like to play a game of Ta-Da list; a list of everything that we use around our home that I haven't had to buy thanks to us having an eco-friendly reusable alternative.

I'd like to point out this stash of products we have built up over 5 years and I am in no way suggesting anyone should go out and buy them all but maybe they'll give you a bit of inspiration!

♻️Cloth products

-Period products (I use reusables)

-Cleaning cloths

-Wipes(baby wipes, make up wipes etc. have all been replaced with cloth)


-Toilet Roll (we use a mix of family cloth and toilet roll we get in bulk to reduce shipping)

-Kitchen roll (we have washable kitchen roll)

♻️In the bathroom

-Razors (switch to a safety razor)

-Shampoo/shower gel bottles (bars all the way!)

-Toothpaste tubes (we use tablets or paste in a glass jar)

-Floss (there's natural refillable floss available)

-Sponges (we use washable soap scrubbies made from natural materials)

-Shaving gel (we use a bar now)

-Aerosol sprays (deodorant, hair spray etc.)

-Medicinal products (breathe easy, heat rubs, nappy cream etc.)

♻️In the kitchen

-Teabags (I use loose leaf tea in an infuser)

-Cake cases and bakeware (we have reusable silicone 'tins')

-Fizzy water (oh hey soda stream)

- Cling film (we use beeswax wraps and silicone lids)

- Baking sheets (we use a silicone replacement)

- Sandwich bags (we have washable wraps and snack pouches)

- Plastic scourers (we use a coconut dish brush and washable hessian scourer)

-Cotton wool

-Cotton buds

♻️ Cleaning

-Surface cleaners/sprays (we use natural products)


-Oven cleaner

-Drain unblocker

-Dishwasher tablets (we have dishwasher powder)

-Laundry detergent (we wash our clothes with a laundry egg

-Fabric Conditioner (we just don't use this any more!)

-Air freshener (we have natural essential oil reed diffusers)

-Floor cleaner (we use a liquid soap mix)

-Washing up liquid (we have this on refills)

♻️On the go

-Coffee cups

-Water bottles

-Straws (for the kids)

-Carrier bags (string bags and cotton totes)

-Prepacked snacks (snack pouches and lunch boxes)

-Ice lollies (thank you silicone lolly moulds)

♻️Around the home:

-Newspaper and Magazines (we use Readily for e-versions)

-Toys (we borrow, swap or get secondhand)

-Clothes (again we make do, borrow or thrift)

I wonder if I added up the financial savings as well as the environmental benefits what it would doesn't have to mean more expensive.

Yes of course there will be some initial investments but once you have made the changes it won't be long before you reap the rewards!

Many of these items can be found in the SHOP section of our site.