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The Secret of Soapnuts!

Pssst, you know how nobody talks about how to save the planet AND save money at the same time! Well, I'm about to tell you how YOU can!

These days, the smart money is on environmentally conscious, money-saving products but we still want something that actually delivers reliable results!

And this hidden gem fits the bill on all three counts: it saves money, it’s sustainable, and our customers can't get enough of them!

I know that people are often sceptical about anything new; especially spending money on something unusual-looking and when people first see these they wonder how the heck it can possibly be used in the laundry!

"Just tell us what it is!" I hear you cry.

Ok! The Soapnut – Sapindus Mukorossi, to give it its Latin name – comes from the same genus as the lychee. Its properties are in its name: ‘sapo’ meaning ‘soap’ and ‘indicus’ meaning ‘of India’ where it grows. These trees are highly prized in India; the wood is used in construction and the fruit is a source of revenue as the organically-grown berries contain a high proportion of natural saponin, which is gentle on sensitive skin.

So from an eco perspective, this is a sustainable, entirely renewable resource; the fruit is harvested and sun-dried, the seeds removed and planted to ensure crops for future generations.

What's more, it has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries for nourishing and hydrating skin and hair and it also has mildly antimicrobial properties.

Our customers are delighted with the results after trying a sample, even if the vast majority of them were cynical at first!

So what's the lowdown:

  • Soapnuts are most effective in your washing machine on a 30, 40 or 60-degree wash

  • They can also be used for handwashing Proven to be safe for sensitive skin, even babies!

  • The mild suds care for your fabrics and keep colours bright

  • No need for artificially-perfumed conditioner Each handful of dried berries is reusable for up to four to six washes

  • They can be composted

  • They have become an extremely popular, effective and money-saving alternative to regular laundry detergents

  • They are great to take if you're travelling too. They’re lightweight and space-saving, too!

It's also used in producing natural skin balms and healing salves, including my personal fave: Soapnut Salve. We use this for EVERYTHING from nappy balm for Toastie, to Red's skin, Mr Ecologico's dry hands, I use it as a gentle cleansing balm, Squishy has had it on bites and burns and I've even used it as a nipple balm when establishing breastfeeding! WONDER PRODUCT!!!!

It's also used to make shampoo and solid shampoo and body wash bars. All of these are perfect for sensitive skin and for anyone trying to cut down on their plastic waste.

Yes, you CAN shine your environmentally-friendly halo, knowing that soapnuts actually work … and save you money! If you’re on a “journey to zero waste”, looking for ways to save money now that your family has expanded or you are simply trying to find something that does not irritate your skin then Soapnuts might be just the thing for you!

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