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The Power of Preloved!

What do you notice first about this photo? Whatever it is, I'd guess it's not that we're all dressed head to toe in secondhand clothes. Vintage, hand-me-downs, passed on, played forward, secondhand, preloved...we use the term 'new to us' but whatever you call it the concept's the same. Fast fashion is a GLOBAL CRISIS. Garments like these are seen as disposable, trends changing not by the season but by the week. Most clothes get worn a handful of times despite the fact they take YEARS worth of resources to produce and often are made in appalling conditions which breach basic human rights. We return things we don't like, want or need and guess what... They just get INCINERATED without ever being worn. 😱😱😱 I don't think you would look at us and think we look shabby, dirty, poor *insert other stereotype here.* We pick up clothes from charity shops, friends, online swapping sites, pass it forward pages, social media or even dedicated pre-loved stores/accounts. These clothes are beautiful and have SO MUCH life still in them (some of these even came with tags in and include brands like Fatface, Zara, H&M, Next, River Island and my beloved Doc Martens). Secondhand doesn't have to mean going without. So will you join us in not buying new? What are your best preloved items?

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