Switched On: That Light Bulb Moment! How to Save Energy The Ecologico Way.

Updated: Jan 6

We're all home more at the moment so we're using energy differently, and probably more of it. So what simple things can we do that will save us money, time and energy?

Here are a few thoughts from me about what we do in our home:

  • We use our daily exercise to get out, unplug and get some fresh air, whatever the weather! Remember there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad preparation!

  • We also make a family timetable every week to help you plan the day's routine to limit energy and resource waste; it also helps plan in screen time so you don't rely on energy-sapping electrics all day.

Speaking of these electronics, take the time to look at your devices; is your mobile or tablet on 'power saving mode,' are some devices on standby a lot, could your bulbs be more efficient, could you turn your thermostat down? This will not only save energy but money too!

In the kitchen, try using the oven/cooker to cook multiple things. If you're cooking a meal, could you build in some baking as an activity or for snacking? If you're making salt dough ornaments, can you use the oven for anything else at the same time? We make flasks of hot drinks in the morning for the day, and even prepare noodles or pasta in the flask, meaning you only need to boil the kettle once and save energy and time.

Also, run your white goods efficiently. For dishwashers and washing machines this means full loads on eco settings, for fridge freezers, this is defrosting and temperature checking regularly. If you're home during the day can you l