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Super Simple Swaps For Plastic Free July...And Beyond!

You've probably heard of Plastic Free July, but did you know started out as a challenge between work colleagues in an office?

Now millions of people around the world take part every year, including us!

Now a disclaimer: you WON'T be plastic-free by the end of the month. In fact,

the aim is NOT to make your life plastic free but to make all purchases plastic free for the month of July (and beyond).

So whether you want to take the challenge head-on and try to ditch all plastic, or you want to challenge yourself to make a few swaps there are loads of ways to make a start.

Here are just a few ideas:

💚Instead of picking up a plastic bottle of water, take a reusable bottle with you from home. Not only does this save you money in the long run, but there are also studies that suggest that chemicals from plastic bottles leach into the water. Added to that it takes more water to make a plastic bottle than the bottle contains and very few are actually recycled this is a swap that makes sense.

Our Bambaw Insulated bottle is insulated so it keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot.

💚Ditch the aerosol or roll on deodorant for a plastic-free option. The Earth Conscious deodorants come in a cardboard stick (like a roll-on) or in a tin and our bare bars come 'naked.' They smell great (unless you go unscented and then they don’t smell!) and a little goes a long way so they last ages.

💚In the UK we use around 1.2 Billion Meters of Clingfilm each year that’s about 745,000 miles – enough to go around the world 30x!! Instead of clingfilm, you can use wraps or reusable pouches. Both are great for everything from wrapping sandwiches to leftovers, snacks to soaps. And they last around a year of consistent use and can be composted at end of life.

💚For something different you could try a washing up bar, instead of washing up liquid. Still gets your dishes sparkly without the plastic bottle…. especially when added to a dish sponge or coconut dish brush.

💚Of course there are soap bars aplenty, in all sorts of great scents. And because they are made in traditional ways they retain all of their natural glycerin so they don’t dry your skin.

💚Then there are shampoo bars. Different shampoo bars work for different people, and there may be a transition period to go through if you’re switching from commercial liquid shampoo. The kids love Rowdy Kind and we love the Faith In Nature and Friendly soap ones we stock.

💚That’s not to mention there are options for plastic-free cleaning and laundry. From Dri-Pak natural cleaning to Miniml Refills, Soapnuts to Ecoeggs there's something for every budget and lifestyle.

Many have multiple uses saving you storage space, money and reducing toxins in your home too!

And don't forget kids' activities, grooming and pamper, loo roll and even chocolate and tea... there are plastic-free options for everything!

In fact, for almost every area of your life, there are accessible plastic-free options out there.

But some areas may surprise you.

Did you know that 4 sanitary pads contain as much plastic as a carrier bag? And in their menstruating lifetime, the average person uses 11,000 sanitary products so that’s a lot of plastic!

Natracare sanitary products are plastic free. Or switching to a Mooncup can save you lots of money as well as plastic. My favourites are reusable pads and pants which you can check out in our online store.