Reflections: A 2019 Alphabet of Sustainable Changes

How many times have you heard people say recently “I can’t believe it’s December already,” or “Where’s this year gone?” It does seem the older we get the quicker time flies, and that is magnified when you have children too!

But December is naturally a time of reflection and review of the past year; what have we re-committed to, what have we changed, what have we learned on our journey to zero waste.

I should say here; we’re definitely not experts and just your average family trying to make changes so I’m sure (in fact I know!) there are other people out there who are much further along their journey than us. But if you’re looking to start your journey, or make some changes for 2020, then look no further than my 2019 Alphabet.

A: Advent-tures replaced traditional advent calendars in an attempt to be zero-waste and also more conscious in our commitment to ‘slow Christmas.’

B: Beeswax Wraps became a staple for covering leftovers as an alternative to cling film or plastic bags; with fun designs and anti-bacterial properties we absolutely love them!

C: We all became a little more conscious of our Carbon-footprint; from unnecessary car trips to UK holidays instead of going abroad. We were more than a little shocked when we used the calculator here to check our carbon footprint:

D: Thanks to Marie Kondo, decluttering has become one of the nation’s favourite activities of 2019; as long as those things aren’t going to landfill and are being gifted, thrifted and shifted, decluttering can help us all live better, with less. Whether it’s the garage, the man drawer, or even decluttering our email inbox can have a positive impact on the environment; so maybe this can be part of your 2020 spring clean!