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Recycling: Real Talk

What's your most recycled item? I'd love to tell you we have nothing to recycle because we are totally zero waste, but actually that's not true! We're so much better, and we have so much less waste in general, but we still have recycling to pop out every couple of weeks/once a month. Our biggest 'offenders' are tins (baked beans, coconut milk, soup etc) and cardboard packaging from deliveries (we do reuse as much as possible for our own deliveries of course!)

But when it comes to recycling we should ask ourselves these questions: 1) Do I dispose of everything I have used correctly? 2) Am I familiar with LOCAL recycling policies (because there are over 100 different ways to recycle in the UK depending on where you live😱)? If not you can out in your postcode and check them out at or contact your local council. 3) Do we mend, repair, reuse and repurpose as much as we can to extend the usefulness of stuff as long as we can? 4) Are we committed to producing as little waste as possible in the first place? 5) Do we REALLY understand recycling symbols that brands we buy use? If not you can check them out at 6) Do I know what brands are doing to make their packaging recycling friendly? 7) Do I know what the government committments are to recycling or could I be demanding more? 8) Do I know what happens to my recycling once it's been collected? You can find out a little more about this at Do you have any other tips? 💚

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