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Not Buying New: The Curveball!

So... we're having another baby.

Having a baby (Squishy) was a catalyst for us to make massive changes in the first place and then to set up the business (Red) in the first place so it's really interesting to see how far we've come now Baby 3 is on the way.

We're in the middle of our Not Buying New Year and so we're determined to show you can get everything you need for a baby without having to buy lots of shiny new things.

Thankfully most of my wardrobe (minus jeans) will work for maternity wear and I'm still wearing nursing-friendly clothing so apart from grabbing some secondhand jeans for colder months there shouldn't be too much extra needed there.

I still have reusable pads, pants and breastpads as well as real nappies and wipes and of course I intend to cloth bum and feed the baby myself which will cut a lot of waste. If you've read my blog about breastfeeding you'll know we didn't make the 'just in case purchases' so I won't have bottles, sterilisers and the like until we know we need them.

Thankfully, we still have our pram, crib, cotbed, car seats, slings and other high value essentials...these were actually secondhand the first (and second) time and we've certainly learned the things that are 'nice to have' but didn't get used.

We might decide we need a baby bath, play-mat or baby bouncer/swing but I'll be checking local swapping sites and charity shops before hitting the high street. I won't be subscribing to all of the vouchers/free gifts and deals that come with expectant motherhood and newborns and when it comes to clothes, toys and accessories; we'll be using hand-me-downs, preloved sites or rentals.

When it comes to 'products' we'll be using water and Soapnut Salve for the baby and I'll be using Solid Bar Company Balms for aches and pains (and sleeping!!!).

When the time comes we will do baby-led weaning again and use the storage and utensils we have to make homemade baby food and snacks.

The only thing we will definitely be buying new is a mattress for the cot. Guidance recommends having new and as ours has been stored for 3 years we want to ensure we're getting something safe. We would never put our baby at risk.

When it comes to a Baby Shower, for Red we had a 'Baby Sprinkle'...I got together with friends and family, played games, ate cake and they brought something for a time-capsule for Red to open on her 18th; most of these things were already in existence, such as newspapers, coins, hand-painted stones, a book that celebrated an anniversary in that year (50 whole years of The Tiger Who Came To Tea!).

With Squishy for his dedication/christening we asked for everyone to bring their favourite childhood book and we now read them together; lots of these were preloved copies and have notes from the giver written in which reminds us of special friends.

I'm not sure yet if we will do something for this baby, but if we do it will be something similar. We want to celebrate our baby's arrival but not necessarily with stuff, just bringing people together (and knowing us with food!).

I'm not totally naive; I'm sure there are some things we will have to buy new but if so we will be able to use the money we've saved to buy more ethical and sustainable products.

One thing is for sure, our baby won't miss out because we haven't bought them lots of news things!

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