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Green Clean: Low Tox Loveliness From Dri-Pak

It's the worst kept secret that I love DriPak cleaning products!

This brand provides your traditional cleaning cupboard staples and is great if you like to DIY your cleaning products, use them alone or enhance other products; I can’t recommend these enough.

Made in the UK, vegan, and certified cruelty-free, most products come in cardboard but some come in plastic as Dri-Pak states that switching to glass would increase carbon emissions during transport and also increase production costs. All plastics are recyclable.

Plus, all products are free from phosphates, triclosan, parabens, SLS, palm oil, GM ingredients, chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, glycerine, artificial colours, artificial fragrances, enzymes, methylisothiazolinone and animal products with no artificial fragrances.

But how can you use the products? Here are my top tips:

🌟Citric Acid:

If you have hard water, citric acid is a must-have item. Found in fruits, citric acid is fab at removing limescale that builds up decreasing efficiency of appliances and increasing running costs. To extend the life of my appliances and keep them clean and fresh, I use this to clean my loos, taps, kettles, iron, washing machine, dishwasher, and even dissolved in water as a general cleaner.

🌟Soda Crystals:

These are my secret weapon for cutting through grease and grime; perfect for drains, pipes, appliances, cleaning the cooker, oven, and even pots and pans, these really pack a punch. Plus they're great in the laundry for stains and water softening which is perfect if you use an Ecoegg or Soapnuts for your laundry. I use it or Oxiboos on the kids uniform to keep it looking clean and bright!

🌟Liquid Soap:

Pure soap that has been used to wash laundry for generations; it contains no fragrances or enzymes so can be used for laundry (including delicates, waterproofs, and microfibre cloths) and dishwashing, cleaning leather, tiles, wood and laminate flooring, hard surfaces and even as a handwash, shower gel and shampoo; this is a great all-rounder. Gentle enough even to use on babies and pet safe!

🌟White vinegar:

This all-round cleaner is a great affordable multi-purpose spray for glass and mirrors, surfaces, laundry stain removal and removing hard water deposits from baths and sinks.

🌟Bicarb of soda:

A brilliant mild abrasive use this to clean tiles, sinks, hobs and surfaces. We also use it to deodorise: leave a dish in the fridge or car or sprinkle in the bottom of your bin or on carpets, or even stinky trainers, to eliminate odours. It can soften fabrics and remove certain stains and also soften hard water. Also helps to remove food off pans when you’re washing up. Every home needs a box handy!


This can be used as a spot treatment by creating a paste for specific stains (bolognese and curry I'm looking at you!) Just leave for at least 20 mins before washing off

We've also used it as a hand-wash on holiday by dissolving the required amount of Oxi-Boost in a bowl, to the temperature that the garment advises and leaving to soak for at least an hour. Of course, you can just pop some in the washing machine and use with your usual detergent.

🌟Borax substitute : Amazing at removing stains: it has a perfect PH for cleaning. It is gentler than soda crystals but more powerful than bicarb, making it ideal for stain removal, softening water and multi-purpose cleaning. We use it for all sorts!

All cheap as chips and get things REALLY clean, plus all vegan and never tested on animals. These are all you need for an ECOnomical ECOlogical ECOLogico clean home.

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