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Ecologico Meets Helpful Kids Shiri Atsmon.

Eco Warriors are kids who care about the environment, and who learn how to help in the kitchen, the laundry and the bathroom, and even out in the garden. That's why we're totally on board with Shiri Atsmon and her brand.

We love our Eco Warrior cards, as they give the Childebeests the guidance for all the tasks that they can help with, turning the jobs into a fun and engaging thing to do. The carefully crafted cards will help them to learn how to take care of their rooms and help in the house. It’s a great way to raise a 21st-century kid! They're the perfect resource for a nature-loving Eco Warrior Child, and to parents who believe in teamwork, gender equality and want their children to learn how to help around the home and muck in with the housework chores! What is Eco Warriors? Eco Warriors is an educational game teaching children how to take care of the planet, their home, and belongings. The engaging rhymes and colourful illustrations will delight the children, and motivate them to help around the home and learn new habits that fight climate change. We've even made the game even more interesting, by hiding the cards around the house and using the treasure-hunt clues supplied.

The great thing about Eco Warriors cards is that it makes helping out in the house fun! No need to persuade kids to do chores anymore, just give the cards to your kids to manage themselves and let them complete the tasks. They will follow the detailed instructions and pointers and feel a great sense of achievement as they complete the jobs. When time is precious Eco Warriors is the answer for kids and parents offering kids a great fun way to take care of everything in their world. Plus Shiri has carefully sourced the product and all the materials are eco-friendly: 💚 Flashcards, clues, and instructions: made from 100% recycled card, weight 350gsm. They are deliberately not coated with plastic which makes them less sturdy than the flashcards you might be used to. please ask your child to handle them gently, however, we will send you a free replacement if a card was damaged for any reason. 💚Stickers: biodegradable 💚 Cotton bags: a natural-based product 💚 Box: made from recycled paper 💚Pouch: upcycled textiles that can be used as a scavenger hunt bag 💚Clear mailing envelope: home-compostable Shiri is an absolute sweetheart and a real eco advocate, so I caught up with Shiri to ask her a bit more about her... Who are you? I'm Shiri Atsmon, a mum of three teens from North London, a former behaviour researcher and the founder of Helpful Kids. What do you do? Helpful Kids is a small business with environmental and social missions.I develop activity kits and games that encourage children to adopt sustainable habits at home that help Mother Nature but also help Mum and Dad. My missions are to promote sustainability and teamwork at home and equip children with life skills that boost their confidence. Why do you do it? I have seen firsthand with my own children how equipping them with life skills gives them a boost of pride and confidence, as they are able to do more themselves and get compliments from parents and friends alike for their skills. My three children went to Eco-School (green flag accredited) where they were Eco Rangers. Their passion for the environment had helped our family in our journey to reduce waste and they have inspired me to not only teach children life skills but to teach them SUSTAINABLE life skills that will serve the needs of their own home as well as our shared home - Mother Nature. What's been your biggest challenge eco-wise? I have a zero-plastic commitment so many of my products require cardstock and paper. While the majority of it is recycled cardstock, I find that some types of paper are not even FSC certified! It's really important that businesses are very careful in each of our purchases and really check the source of the materials we use. Zero Plastic isn't everything, we really need to avoid using virgin paper and/or paper from unsustainable resources as much as possible. That does come with a price difference, for example, I just purchased marble cardstock, It was £20 for FSC certified and only £12 for non-certified. If material comes at a cheaper price, we need to be vigilant and check with the supplier. What's your top eco tip or win for normalish families? I found switching to glass milk bottles milkman service a very easy win, we never run out of milk and we now have much fewer plastic bottles in our recycling bin. A more unique tip is when it comes to personal care and grooming products, many tend to wait until they are out of these products to switch to eco ones (so waiting until they are out of shampoo to try a shampoo bar). I would actually recommend starting the journey by alternating between plastic products and eco products. This already reduces the amount of plastic used, and reduces the fear factor - what if the new eco product doesn't perform as well as the old plastic one? So the best time to start is now really, don't wait, just get a shampoo bar and give it a try. If you don't like it, you can always use it as a body bar :)

Great advice Shiri! Check out Shiri at Helpful Kids here:

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