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Ecologico Meets ... Andrea Pearson (Teesside Cloth Nappy Library)

It almost ashames me to say that the childebeests have been through the full range of nappies in their short little lives. From every brand of disposable going, regular nappies to pull-ups, they should be quite the connoisseurs of bottom wear.

It took longer than it probably should have to fully embrace the idea of cloth-bumming our babies. Mr. Ecologico even says now that we should have done it from the start and that everyone should at least consider it, and if he is saying that it can't be that bad!

However, it does demonstrate how normalised disposable nappy wearing is that when Squishy was born almost four years ago now(!) that we just automatically went straight to disposables without thinking too hard about it.

As the next in our series of "Ecologico Meets..." we spent some time with Andrea Pearson. Andrea is the leader of a great initiative local to us called Teesside Cloth Nappy Library. I will leave Andrea to sell it to you, but moreover, this was a great interview for mums everywhere who just want to make little changes to help the world moving forwards...

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