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Ecologico Experiences: We're All Going On An Eco-Holiday

Going away from home could mean we ditch the eco routine but more and more we've created some holiday habits that keep us green and happy while still having fun (I promise!)

Travel and Transport:

We tend to holiday in the UK to cut the carbon; we have camping equipment or use local caravan sites to minimise our holiday footprint as much as possible. We don't tend to travel more than few hours and enjoy local attractions when we're there to avoid unnecessary travel and to support the local economy.


To make it easy for me (because let's face it I'm the one doing the packing!) we take:

♻️Silicone lolly moulds

♻️Rice husk lunch boxes and coffee cups

♻️3in1 Travel Soap (shampoo, shower gel, insect repellent and even laundry soap!), toothpaste tablets and bamboo toothbrushes, deodorant bar, salves, plasters and medicinal balms

♻️ Reusable crisp pouches, sandwich wraps, food flasks, wax wraps and insulated drinks bottle

♻️ Plastic free loo roll,

♻️Dish sponge, washing up bar and cleaning bars or refillable cleaning products

♻️Soapnuts for handwashing cloth nappies, wipes and pads

♻️ Non-toxic suncream and make up in glass or sugar cane/grass packaging.

♻️Cloth nappies and wipes (when it comes to cloth, I'd recommend checking washing facilities and whether this will include cloth; this will help you work out how many nappies and wipes you can manage with during your stay and how many wetbags you will need).


We make a meal plan of easy meals and either take some food with us or shop locally so we don't rely on convenience foods i.e. lots of packaging! I might take a pre-batch cooked chilli/Bolognese for the first night, plenty of food to make packed lunches for picnics and some easy evening options.

We still buy a few treats (hello ice cream!) but will opt for a cone rather than a tub or use local small businesses who will often have baked goods and treats without the plastic packaging.


We don't buy new clothes for holidays, we stick to a couple of small bags with interchangable options in.


We pack lots of travel activities and games and explore the local area; beaches, parks, towns, attractions. Often the kids will want to buy seaside "tat" because kids just love the shiny plastic stuff don't they? Mostly we anticipate this and pack bits from home so they don't need to buy new.

We've actually just bought our own caravan so we can have all our own eco bits there and it's only 30 minutes away from home right on the beach so our holidays might be even more eco and we might even share our van with you so you can experience a stay there this space!

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