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Ecologico Experiences Not Buying New: Beg or Borrow! (March Update)

We have a monthly focus in our group Let's Go Ecologico and this past month it was Choose to Reuse. I worked out by using reusables alone I save over £100 a month on disposable items like bags, cups, CSP and razors but not buying new isn't just about choosing to reuse. Doing a Not Buying New Year means we do have to reuse stuff that we have, but realistically sometimes we will need to bring new stuff into the house (toys, clothes, gifts) so it also means we have to get creative and borrow, make or upcycle and this month we did just that!

From a business perspective we collected unneeded boxes and packaging paper (socially distanced) which we can reuse to send out your orders. But on a personal note there were quite a few begs or borrows this month! Firstly we needed to clean our carpets and get haircuts, but instead of buying the carpet cleaner we've been eyeing we rented one from our local supermarket and borrowed some clippers from my mum (socially distanced pick up obviously!) and saved a small fortune! Our vacuum cleaner broke but we borrowed Papa Ecologico's Henry while he took and fixed need for anything new! We also sent our laptop in for repair and borrowed one, rather than buying a new one even though it's old.

This month I broke my foot tripping over a Gruffalo (don't ask!) but I borrowed a walking stick from a friend which helped massively and avoided the shops by hitting up the Preloved to Reloved Facebook page for 'new to us' school uniform and our local Play It Forward site for dino birthday decorations. For Mother's Day, instead of cut flowers and shop bought cards and gifts, we made cards and gifts including a 'treat tin' for my mam and a photo/video collage for me and my MiL.

But I said at the start I would be honest and I will: this month has been hard. The hardest yet. We've had a run of bad luck with accidents and health, I've been pretty much immobile and quite down. As I've said before I used to be an emotional shopper, I've always used shopping to fill/solve/distract my negative emotions (or reward positive ones) the way some people use food or substances and this month, I definitely felt myself sliding into bad habits: trawling websites (ethical shops but still), popping things in and out of my basket, making excuses why I NEEDED to buy things. But. I resisted. No. New. Items. 🙌 No new cloth nappies, running clothes, make up, household items. Nothing new at all. Yes I put thing in my online basket or snapped a photo on my phone. But I waited a few days or a week, I resisted the little incentive emails popping into my inbox and I realised after a while I didn't either WANT or NEED these things. It might not seem much but this is a big step forward for me. Next month we have Easter and 2 birthdays in our house (you can check out our Eco Experiences Easter and Birthdays blogs for more info on how this had gone in the past) or check back next month to see how we're faring in our 5th month of buying nothing new. 😬😁 New Items: 0

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