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Ecologico Experiences:Love With Less (Not Buying New Year Update)

I love love. I mean I love to love and be loved. I love talking about love and thinking about love. I do not love Valentine's Day. We've never really bothered with the commercialised aspect of it all. I'm a huge cynic about all that. But we still try to make it special for everyone in other ways.

We decorated a 3 foot tree we borrowed from Auntie Ecologico with old ribbons, sensory scarves and decorations we'd crafted, we made self-love jars of affirmations and all the reasons we are loved and loveable. The Childebeests baked Loveheart cupcakes with Mr E and I made Why We Love You Handprints with them.

For the grown up there was a vegan meal of delicious korma nut koftas with spiced carrot jalfrezi and puy chilli enchiladas with organic local beers accompanied by playlist of all the songs we had played at our wedding. No cards, no flowers, no gifts. A beautiful, simple but low waste, typically us celebration of love.

BUT it's not all moonlight and roses, this month we did have to buy new things. The first was period pants. Don't ask me how I managed to lose my period pants during a lockdown but I did. If you haven't tried period pants they're a game changer. No leaks, no bunching or moving around, super absorbent and comfy as heck. Obviously this was an emergency situation and I needed to get some new ones ASAP, so I had to bite the bullet and order them new. I was cross but consoling myself with the fact I only had 2 pairs so a third pair isn't crazily extravagant and will save on the waste associated with buying pads and tampons. The second (and I suppose 3rd) thing was mobile phones. These were the annoying ones. We don't have contracts as we're both on a 'pay as you go' deal and have kept our super old handsets as long as possible but in true Sod's Law fashion I dropped mine and smashed the whole screen to bits and cut my finger on it and Mr E's has stopped charging. This irritated me as normally we would look around find a decent refurb but obviously with circumstances the way the are and the urgency of both needing phones to do our jobs and run the business, we needed to make a snap decision and bought new. We always said 'Not Buying New' was an aspiration not a minimum expectation and this whole experience was never about self-denial or guilt, we just wanted to be honest and more conscious of the choices we make. Because we hardly get anything new it seems like a massive deal to us to have new things but I'm hoping the 3 items we have will be well used and last us years. Our 'eco experience' isn't about being extreme (kudos to anyone who can do without all this stuff and live off grid though). Ecologico-eco is about balance. The kids have had a wardrobe rotation of preloved 'new to them' clothes and had some books from Olio via Grandad Ecologico and we have given bags of their old clothes, books and toys away to be reused but we bought 4 new necessary items in over 3 months. I think that's reasonable balance. How many new things have you bought this month? Total new items: 3

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