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Ecologico Experiences: How Do We Get Enough Protein And Fruit And Veg On A Budget?

Like many families at the moment, our food budget is pretty tight and people always want to know how we can be getting (and more importantly giving the kids) enough protein and fruit/veg when our grocery spend is so low.

It can be tricky, especially when you're plant-based, have kids and/or are on a tight budget but it can be done!

🤔But Why Do We Need Protein?

Our body needs protein to maintain and repair tissues: our hair, skin, muscles and organs all need protein to remain healthy. Of course, our body is constantly doing this and it is something we take for granted, but children especially need protein in order to grow.

When we digest proteins, they are broken down into amino acids, which the body uses to make new proteins. Some can be produced by the human body whereas others we can only get from the diet; these are called essential amino acids.

🤔 But How Much Protein Do We Need?

Here is an excellent guide you might want to look at:

As a guide, the recommended amount for adult women is 45g of protein per day

🤔What Are Some Foods Which Are Good Sources Of Protein?

It's a common misconception, that people who are veggie or vegan will not get enough protein, however, studies show that vegans and vegetarians typically do get enough protein from their diet. Surprisingly, protein is in many foods which you may not think of. Here are some of our faves:












🥚Pumpkin seeds



🥚Wheat flour

🥚Cottage Cheese





🥚Brussel sprouts

🤔So How Can We Get Protein Cheaply?

👌Something On Toast (eggs, beans, cheese, spaghetti all contain protein!)

2 large eggs give you approx 14 g of protein so add a couple of slices of bread and you have nearly 22g of protein: it starts adding up and almost half of what you may need for the day.