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Ecologico Experiences: Easy Activism for Eco-Normals

Unless you have been totally switched off from media and social media you will have seen climate change everywhere in 2021.

We know that governments and big companies have a huge role to play and made public commitments at COP26 to tackle the climate crisis, but our question for you is:

What can YOU do in 2022?

Because believe me, we can achieve a lot when we work together!

There are plenty of simple changes you can make to your daily routines that will alleviate the negative effects. Here are some great ideas for wins for frazzled families and eco-normals like us!👇 💚Get informed!

Read - educate ourselves on the impact we are having and what we can do. Follow accounts and sources of information that you trust and are helpful to you. The more you find out the more aware and ready for action you’ll become! 💚Use your voice

Share your knowledge with your friends and family. Seize opportunities to start discussions. Even blog about it! Join action groups. Volunteer with groups like us to meet like-minded people, share ideas and take part in action-orientated events, litter picks, rewilding, tree planting and beach cleans. After all, that's how Ecologico started! 💚Use your vote

The number one thing that you can do is to pressure politicians to be accountable for their environmental promises. Tell your MP, local councillors and mayors that you think action on the climate crisis is critical and use your voice to lead to the collective changes we need. Who is representing us? Are they acting? 💚Use your money

Where does our bank or pension invest? Where do we shop? What charities can we support? Consider switching to more ethical banking. Check if your pension and bank’s investment portfolio is used to fund socially and environmentally beneficial projects that will drive green industries and nature-based solutions to climate change. 💚Be more thoughtful in our purchases

We did a Not Buying New Year last year and started asking questions BEFORE we bought. Do we need it? Is there a better alternative? Our throwaway culture is one of the biggest risks to the environment. Ditch single-use items (especially plastic) and make the most of what you already own by repairing, upcycling or borrowing. Everything we buy has a carbon footprint, either in the way it is produced or how it’s transported, so read the label and purchase items that are produced locally wherever you can. 💚Choose green energy

Switch to an ethical and green electricity supplier; there are many companies offering 100 percent green electricity from renewable sources as well as offset gas.

💚Reduce your energy use

With prices rising this is a good one to save some money anyway but check out our blog on energy saving with tips such as turning off equipment and look for efficient alternatives. 💚Reduce your water consumption

Again, this will save you money and waste. See one of my previous blog posts for plenty of tips! 💚Reduce your waste

Don’t overbuy, think about the packaging, and look for alternatives to disposal when we no longer need something. This means food waste too: less waste to landfill which is an excellent way to reduce your carbon impact. Buy only what you will eat and compost your food waste if you can. 💚Reduce (or eliminate) your meat and dairy consumption.

Scientists agree that cutting out meat and dairy consumption is one of the best things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. Livestock farming alone contributes to biodiversity loss, land and water degradation, acid rain, coral reef degeneration and deforestation. Why not learn more about this, explore plant-based options and reduce your meat intake? Try a ‘Meat Free Monday’ to get started or add some veggie or vegan meals to your meal plan to try. The Veganuary website has some great ideas to get started! 💚Eat with the seasons

This might seem like going back to the olden days but eating seasonally reduces the carbon footprint of your food as it won't be shipped or flown in and also is less likely to have been forced in hot houses, treated chemically and it will taste better! There are some great seasonal calendars that tell you what is season locally to you to help you plan. Or have a go at growing your own if you can! 💚Make better travel choices

Could we leave the car behind? Advice is to try not to use a car for journeys under 3km and I appreciate this might not always be easy but for some of your travel, if you can why not walk, cycle, or use public transportation? In the case of long-distance travel, trains are far more sustainable than air travel. One of the smartest things you can do is to buy a second or third-hand electric vehicle and substantially lower your carbon footprint. 💚Connect with nature

Plant for pollinators, get outside, leave no trace. This could even mean relaxing your gardening ideas and habits by cutting your lawn and hedges less and letting dandelions flower and seed. It doesn’t matter how big or small your garden is you can do your bit to restore biodiversity. Or why not plant a tree? We will not be able to do all of these things at once; some of us are not in a position to do any right now, but if you can, start with one action. Imagine the impact if all of us did one thing on the list in 2022. As the famous saying goes...we don't need one person doing zero waste perfectly, we need billions doing it imperfectly. So why not make an eco-intention today for 2022?

And hopefully while we're taking small steps the big powers will come together to unlock the doors to a more sustainable world.💚

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