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Ecologico Experiences: Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when we've used a year's supply of Earth's resources; so effectively after this date we're living on borrowed resources that the Earth can't renew. Imagine if that was money, basically we're in debt and we can't live like that forever! 😢 Interestingly, way back in the 70s Earth Overshoot Day was in December (or even the following Jan) but last year it was as early as July 29th and this year it was August 22nd, which is attributed to lifestyle changes during the pandemic, but let's face it we can't live like we're in a global pandemic forever (hopefully) and we need to do more by design and not disaster. But it does show that if everyone does a little, we can make a collective difference! So what are my 5 top tips to help # move the date: 💚Consume less (of everything) but especially think about meat, travel, clothes, paper...things that leech valuable resources from the Earth or are difficult to replace 💚Live local- the more local your consumption the less of a carbon footprint it will have 💚Drive less (or fly) , walk more (if you can) or use public transport 💚Value what you already have: Our motto is "use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without. When you start thinking about how precious the Earth's resources are and how carelessly we have used them, it makes us value more what we have and make sure we use it to our maximum potential. Plus, the most sustainable things are the ones we already have (and they're free!) 💚Education, education, education (obviously as an ex-teacher this would be in there)-educate yourself, family, others, just by spreading the word or sharing this post you can encourage more people to make little changes and let's face it, all of us making little changes is better than one of us doing it perfectly. What can you do from today to join in and help us move Earth Overshoot Day for our babies?🤔💚

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