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Ecologico Experiences: Birthing Bags The Eco Way

I recently re-read my birthing plans and let's say my plan before Baby 1 to now with Baby 3 are very different but also, so are the contents of my birthing bag!

Now a huge disclaimer: I've had a gentle C section so there are certain items that I did/didn't need but I thought it was worth a share as it cost me nothing and is mainly secondhand or reusable...

💚The backpack itself was passed on from a local free Play It Forward Page.

💚 For myself I packed reusable pads, breastpads and period pants that I already had; no waste, no cost.

💚 We packed reusable nappies and wipes for Toastie. The nappies were actually preloved and the wipes we already had so zero cost!

💚 We chose neutral baby clothes for our other two which we kept so there are plenty of preloved clothes, hats, mittens and blankets that are perfect for a newborn in excellent condition.

💚I've just packed pyjamas, knickers and clothes etc. that I own ( and let's face it I've probably had some of them since Squish's birth 🤣)

💚A towel and flip flops I already own for showering...the flip flops I actually got from a friend's wedding and wore for Red's birth so they're 3 or 4 years old!

💚Shampoo and soap bars which I already have and are totally natural with antiseptic and antifungal properties

💚 Deodorant tin which is natural and easier for me apply with my fingertips

💚Wooden comb and plastic free hair ties

💚Bamboo flannel

💚Soapnut salve for nipples, lips, baby bums and my skin

💚Toothpaste tablets and bamboo toothbrush

💚 Peppermint oil (for post C section trapped wind🤣💨)

💚 Reusable water bottle for extra thirst

💚Vegan snacks and chocolate in reusable or compostable packaging.

Thankfully everything in bag was useful, used and we welcomed our beautiful boy to Team Ecologico a week ago...the bag's unpacked and everything is back in the cupboards to be used and reused.

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