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Easy Emails!

With a lot of people working remotely (us included) we're all relying on the Internet and emails a lot more.

But did you know the average email has a carbon footprint of 4g and emails with attachments can be up to 50g? That's crazy! But 72% of us aren't even aware of the carbon footprint attached to our inbox. Annual emails of the average office worker create the same amount of CO2 as flying from London to Bruges and files stored in the cloud are held in huge air-conditioned warehouses which run 24/7! So if that's from an office setting, imagine how much we're creating by all working from home.😲

Over 64 million unnecessary emails sent by Brits every single day and by each UK adult sending one less ‘thank you’ email a day, we could save over 16,433 tonnes of carbon a year - the same as 811,522 flights to Madrid or taking 33,343 diesel cars off the road. Simple right?

But what else can you do? Here are a few easy ideas that don't take a lot of money or time but have a massive impact:

  • 🖱️Delete emails we have unintentionally stored in our inbox.

  • 📬Regularly check your deleted/junk folders for emails lurking there too! ⌨️Only CC relevant people in emails.

  • 💻Unsubscribe from mailing lists or newsletters that you don't need to stop your inbox clogging with unnecessary emails.

  • 🔍Consider using Ecosia as your search engine-they plant trees while you're surfing the web!

  • 📎Hyperlink rather than attaching large files.

On the plus side, did you also know: GDPR has reduced CO2 emissions by 360 tonnes per day, which is the same as saving 650,000 trees from deforestation!👍

Happy (reduced) E-mailing!

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