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Buy Less, Live More: What Not Buying New Has Taught Us

One of the simplest ways have a positive impact on our homes and our planet (as well as reducing clutter) is to buy less stuff.

Don't get me wrong, I know first hand it can be easy to purchase more than we let go of, but this is what leads to an accumulation which in turn can feel unmanageable. We often have items that still have tags on, numerous duplicates 'just in case' (particularly clothing, toiletries and cosmetics), unwanted gifts and an abundance of cleaning products. But if you want to buy less, save money and reduce the amount of stuff you have to deal with read on... 🛍️When at the shops, resist the temptation to bring home more than you’d intended to. Multi-buys of things you only need one of, free samples, free magazines, clothes hangers, paper receipts - simply saying no to all of the above can mean less stuff coming into your home. 👛If you’re drawn to items that are in the sale, remind yourself that it is only a bargain if you were planning to buy it anyway. You save 100% if you don’t buy it! ♻️Consider doing a toy or book swap with friends. Simply exchanging some board games, jigsaws or plastic toys for a few weeks keeps kids interested but without having to find the money and space to accommodate bulky new ones. 🎁 When buying gifts, consider experiences instead of things! RSPB memberships, farm or museum season tickets and classes have been some of our favourites over the years. 🌳 Replace as you go - particularly with toiletries and cleaning products. Use up your stockpile, and as you naturally run out of things, consider switching to a planet-friendly alternative. You’ll find lovely options in our online store😉 - Ask yourself any - or all - of the following questions: 🤔Where will this live in my home? 🤔 Do I already have something similar? 🤔How long will this be used for? 🤔 What will happen to it when I don’t need it anymore? 🤔 Can I borrow it instead of buying it?

Your purse and the planet will both thank you for it!

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