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Bathroom Blitz!

The bathroom is an easy place to make lots of eco fact, it's where we started because there was so much low-hanging fruit in terms of plastic-free and natural alternatives. Now our bathroom is less cluttered, our products give us more value for money and we're kinder to the planet!

Long gone are the days of gifts sets and 3 for 2 deals, this is what we use now...

Biodegradable plastic-free cotton buds - Cotton buds are one of the top 10 items found on beaches. People often wrongly flush them down the toilet and they end up in the sea. They can be deadly to the unfortunate marine life that ingests them but there are alternatives out there!

When it comes to personal care, steer clear of liquid shower gels, shampoos, conditioners and hand wash and instead, switch to solid bars that don’t contain as high a proportion of water as shower gels or liquid soaps, so they tend to last a lot longer and are more cost-effective. The ones we stock and use are also palm, paraben, and SLS free and meet vegan approved and cruelty-free standards. If you struggle to hold a soap bar a soap pouch or scrubby really helps to make it accessible; even the kids can use them independently!

What about dental care? It’s estimated that 150 million plastic (Non–recyclable) toothbrushes are discarded in household waste in the UK each year and the plastic they are made from won’t break down in our lifetime, or our children’s lifetime, or even our grandchildren’s lifetime. Try switching out for a wooden toothbrush and toothpaste tabs or toothpaste in a jar. We even have recyclable heads for electric toothbrushes!

Disposable plastic razors are big business and are a prime example of unnecessary single-use plastic. Try a razor with replaceable blades and a plastic-free handle like the Bambaw one we stock.

When it comes to skincare, switch to reusable fabric wipes and make-up pads made from natural materials. Just use them and throw them in the washing machine with your eco-friendly detergent, our Nordic Roots skincare also comes in plastic-free packaging, and our make up range is in zero waste packaging too!

Let's talk plastic-free periods for moment - did you know the average disposable sanitary pad contains the equivalent amount of plastic as 4 carrier bags? A more sustainable solution is a reusable cup, cloth sanitary pads or period pants. These can be washed and reused without ever being thrown away; possibly my favourite swap I've made personally!

Why not check out our Personal Care & Hygiene Shop for some effective but simple swaps to get your bathroom blitzed!

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