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All the Fun of Furoshiki

When it comes to gift-wrapping, furoshiki is the perfect eco-friendly way to wrap.

It shows thoughtfulness and care by taking the time and choice of wrapping to make a beautiful and functional wrap for your loved ones' gifts and is such a special gesture.

Furoshiki is a Japanese tradition dating back 1000 years. It has been recently reinvigorated and is becoming increasingly popular in the eco-movement as an alternative to more traditional paper wrapping.

The beauty of the art is in the way the fabric is folded and tied to make a versatile item which can adapt to the gift it holds.

In Japanese culture, the receiver unveils the gift and returns the cloth to be used again, but even if you gave the cloth as part of the gift it is a great multi-functional addition to any present!

Your furoshiki could be used for: - wrapping a gift - a bag for shopping - decorating a handbag - a picnic hamper - a tablecloth - household decor - a scarf, belt or bandana - wrapping clothes when travelling

The possibilities are endless!

You can also re-purpose materials you have, up-cycle old sheets, scarves or have a rummage for beautiful fabric off-cuts, samples or even find bits at your local charity shop. You could personalise, theme or decorate yourself. As long as the fabric isn't too thick but still strong it is perfect.

Can you tell I'm excited by this? Watch this tutorial video to begin your journey!

Now that you're "in" please share your attempts and ideas with me, I can't wait to see them!

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