A (Wo)Man Is Known By The Company (S)He Keeps: Not Buying New Update

What's the main thing I've learned in the last 5 months of not buying new?

That our friends, family, customers and community are AWESOME.*

*I probably did know this anyway but this has consolidated it!

Once we rid ourselves of the 'shame' of saying we weren't buying new and happily asking for and accepting things from other people our lives have been transformed and people are regularly offering us stuff to borrow or things they're getting rid of.

The kids had their traditional birthday growth spurt, but thanks to friends and our local Freecycle page and even some customers, both kids have full summer wardrobes of preloved clothes, underwear, swimsuits and even backpacks and shoes.

We have also been given a lawnmower, books, plants, a projector so we can do garden cinema, a whole stack of toys and my father-in-law even brought us some jam and coffee he picked up from Olio.

We do give as well as receive, we've swapped books, donated some of my clothes, Mr E's jumpers and coats and some of our toys and books to pay it forward and I passed the smaller clothes to a friend for her little boy. Good karma!

We did do some spending though! 🙈😬